Ffxiv not detecting controller reddit ps4, If you want to use the Ffxiv not detecting controller reddit ps4, If you want to use the Steam Controller (which otherwise doesn’t work outside of Steam because it’s not a standard gamepad), there’s free open source software called GloSC (Global Steam Controller) that will make the Steam Controller appear like a normal gamepad without requiring the Steam overlay to be active. I might have confused your problem with another PS problem, but if you are still struggling, you can always try to recalibrate your controller using an app. So for whatever reason my XBOX controller is not recognized by FFXIV either wired or bluetooth. That's strange, if it's playstation you'd think it'd be detecting as playstation. After troubleshooting, I've narrowed it down to an issue with Steam itself. Hi guys, in the past I've used a ps4 controller to play FFXIV on my pc, however when I went to plug it in today I've literally got NOTHING, no response from the PC what so ever. Some details: I do not play the game on Steam, or have steam running while I play, ever; I do not own the steam version of XIV. But I can't figure out how to use a controller with games from steamunlocked. things I have tried: disabling steam overlay. Sometimes it's a bit tricky to get to work, but it works well. (Btw I'm assuming you're using DS4Windows, if not, I'd strongly recommend atleast trying it out) [deleted] • 2 yr. uninstalled other controllers to confirm the Recently FFXIV has stopped registering inputs from my controller. Try connecting it with a cable into your PC and see if that Steam will hijack your controller if so and stop FFXIV from detecting it. For Skyrim SE and Fallout 4 at the very least, both games which natively detect controllers, both the game and steam itself were trying to read controller inputs, which actually completely fucked up the button layout. The problem has been To make Steam stop ignoring PlayStation Controllers, you need to: Run DS4Windows under a custom . using steam big picture mode. I admittedly never tried my ps4 controller, but had tried my ps3 one a while back, which I could never get to 100% work. also the ps5 controller is smaller, and after a few hours the ahnds hurts. Check the controller settings in ffxiv, I had this problem as the game changed the xbox controller to wireless for some reason and the game recognized no input. I can however play So I have my PS4 controller connected to my PC via Bluetooth, Steam recognises it fine and I can use Big Picture mode to navigate around and start the game. Maybe someone could shed some light on why xCloud seems I've had problems with a ps4 controller. ago. Fixed it by I’m trying to get my ps4 controller to connect to the game, but it just refuses to work. You don’t need DS4 with FFXIV anymore apparently. But at the same time I CANNOT get FFXI Config to register ANYTHING. Nope doesn’t recognize anything there either. The I figured this would be a good opportunity to try the PS4 controller which I bought a month prior to replace it. It may not detect the controller when you test it in the config thing, but will work in the actual game. Just add as non steam game point it to the launcher than open the launcher thru steam and log in normally you may need to Select 'Controller Layout'. Hide your real DualSense controller from everything in the system besides DS4Windows itself. This happened the first time I bought the game, and I fixed it by changing the settings in Steam's controller settings, but now, no matter what I do, the Tonight I tried using some Gshade/Reshade mods and the controller would not work at all with them, so I uninstalled them all and reset the game. I have to keep a dual boot of Windows just to use xCloud because despite Linux 100% detecting my controller, the Xbox website just won't unfortunately. You can change it to use Touchpad, but I don't think you can do that AND keep the "mouse-like" functionality of the touchpad as well. However a bluetooth Xbox One controller does work. If the wired PS4 controller is not showing up, connect it via bluetooth while it’s wired I narrowed it down to my Device Manager randomly refreshing which caused the controller to "hang up" for a bit. Hello, I am trying to use a Xbox 360 controller with wireless receiver to play the game but ff14 is not registering any of the controller inputs. I tried multiple games including SNES emulators. In steam in the bottom left of the window in your library theres an option to add a non steam game (so you can run the game thru steam and use their controller drivers) itll be the least headache solution. the controller does light up (orange light) like it's charging. I have a hunch on what may be the cause. Burning5GMast. If you're running Steam at all, regardless if you're running the game through it or not, you need to configure Steam to not interfere with PlayStation controllers. Using a PS4 controller on windows almost requires you to have something like DS4 running at all times for it to work, and to have the controller plugged in at all times. Reply reply phantom_pc • I will try that! 1. MadioFigs • • 2 yr. I use a ps4 controller on pc with no problems, buttons are the buttons theyre supposed to be. Steam basically steals away your controller and ffxiv won't see it There's a virtual mouse in FFXIV, which is accessible with a simple button combination. For any game that NATIVELY detects controllers, do not do this. • 4 yr. Easy. Have fun :-) I'm not new to the game, I've already beaten it quite a few times with a controller no problem, but now it seems that the game does detect it, but whenever I press any of the buttons, nothing happens. i used both xbox and ps5, xbox is superior, you can target in the dpad with your thumb while you move, in the ps5 controller is more diffcult. It makes your PC think you're using a 360 controller. It doesn’t really work fine. i downloaded ds4windows like a year ago, worked fine until i tried it today after not using it for a month. Nope. It has to be plugged in for ff14 but not for other games. Bluetooth or wired doesn't matter on This is what I did: A. PS5 controller not detecting on PC. The basics: navigating the menus and controller setup Navigating the menus. setting a controller profile. To do this you need to go into Steam's big picture mode and in the configuration there, turn off PlayStation controller support. Even the game is not detecting it. But when I start a (non-Steam) game the input doesn't work. Xcloud on chrome/OSX doesn't detect wired xbox (360) controller. 1. The controllers outright stopped working after I teleported, and they still don't, even at the On this computer, there is a switch pro controller (bluetooth) and a PS4 controller (wired). PS4 Controller on PC help! So playing on a dell inspiron 7567 laptop, bought ffxiv for pc and originally started by playing on keyboard and mouse. And the controller has been properly forgotten by the ps4 ( also ps4 is completely unplugged) Thank you for all responses. Basically the issue is I can get any controller (PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One) to work/detect in Windows 10 and function normally using either DS4 or Xbox Accessories. And so is the controller I tested them both on my ps4 before I started and the controller will charge and the light will slowly blink for a little bit while plugged into the pic. PS4 controller is not working with it at all even though Steam picks it up fine. Tried it, didn't fix it You plug it in your PC, sync your controller and it's done. When the steam controller function is on, FFXIV detects an Xbox 360 controller. As for keybinds, not really. I have used DS4 in past and it’s good for what it is but the razer controllers give a bit more customizable options for buttons etc. LastCenturion45 • 2 yr. Then, select 'BROWSE CONFIGS' DS4Windows' virtual controller will be an Xbox 360 if you followed the recomendation on the previous step. It's not downright broken, but very inconsistent. exe name. And done! If you go into devices through the settings where you'd also find your keyboard mouse and Bluetooth stuff it'll have a separate Tartarus pro (with a lil keyboard next to it) and under that it'll say hid controller and if you remove the controller it works for BioShock, not sure if it'll work with anything else but figured I'd share. press this and select your ps5 controller. Whenever I try to connect my PS5 controller to my PC, it always says, "USB device not recognized. Dont use the little button mapping thing thats there, just pick your You may need to choose it as a primary device. Gamepad is enabled. It’s like input is stuck to whatever I was doing The razer controllers is what I’ve had my best luck on pc. UnlikelyTraditions • 10 mo. Thank you. I was thinking the mouse finally broke, but after testing it in a few other games it seems to only be a problem in FFXIV. I'm using this to get my ps4 controller to work with my pc and i pretty much just had to reboot my pc and always make sure ds4 windows is running and connected to the ps4 before starting ffxiv. Some of the Nvidia settings can also do the same. Yep that definitely fixed it! Magical. At some point they Issue getting FFXIV to recognize XBOX controller. But if you don't have that luxury and only have that ps4 controller, connect it with Steam's Big picture mode. Being a wheel there's a possibility it could have been setup as a Generic too not sure if you might have that toggled on. The only thing I get Stadia Controller input not working ingame. Remember that the Ps4/Ps5 is not yet fully compatible with pc. i checked and the device "hid-compliant game controller" everyone has been telling me to disable and then re-enable is hidden for some reason. So at first it worked perfectly but I went to system The specific game I want to play works best with a controller and sucks with keyboard+mouse. That_Serve_9338 • 4 mo. I have tried adding it to my steam library through the "Add non-steam game method" But it doesn't work, and the overlay doesn't show up when I press shift+tab. SetSomnus • 10 mo. I know a few other mass setup things, like launchbox, do the same. Still don’t know why this happens. What controller are you using, because if it’s a PS controller go to Steam Big Picture, then settings, and make sure you have PlayStation Configuration Support checked. If you do not do this Steam will detect both the real DualSense and the virtual DS4 and you'll suffer from double input in Steam interface. And I tried XBox One, XBox Series X and PS4 controllers. And I have 2 PS4 controllers one of them is only a few months old. One more idea: I suggest that you try virtual Xbox One controller, it should be also compatible with FFXIV afaik. (Also if you do get the controller working, I really wanted Switch buttons on screen since I use a Pro Controller too, and made a mod that does just this. Theres a setting under gamepads that lets you pick the controller youre using. The first (above) will The game then detects the dualsense and updates the button prompts to match the controller and has full haptics. I have it set to Gamepad Mode under Character Configuration. Go to settings on Windows 10 and under Bluetooth and Devices click Add New Device. Now a new window will open. When I launch FFXIV, under Configuration -> GamePad Settings -> Device: it says "Controller (XBOX 360 for windows)" So as far as i can see, my pc detects it, ffxiv somehow reads it but when i go to I'd suggest you do what I did, delete those files (keep backups just in case), & let Skyrim re-generate them when you launch & play it again, as this worked for me & my ps4 controller. Roebb • 9 mo. When the controller layout window opens, make sure your ps5 controller is showing. Any ideas where I can ever FIND The DS4 drivers? On the main menu press the Steam button once, then go back to the game and see if its recognizing controller inputs now. Xiv natively supports PS4 controllers with no need for programs such as ds4 ect, they 100% add support for ps5 eventually. Try unpairing and resetting the controller, the little button in the back of the controller, and pair it again. fromtheshadows-. Since the most recent update yesterday (or on the 23rd, can't remember anymore), FF has decided that, despite my Controller being on and plugged into my PC(and it's driver being updated), that there's actually no controller. Presumably it's the same if you're using the non-Steam version, Steam seems to be overriding the controller profile with its generic Playstation support version. I've seen a lot of people Close Steam, Start up DS4Windows, leave controller plugged in, go to Device Manager, under "Human Interface Devices" uninstall all "HID compliant" devices/controller/HUD, I use a ps4 controller on my PC. You may also be able to do the same by deleting the config file and making citra recreate it. Controller is connected via Bluetooth. JustAFrontDeskJockey • 2 yr. I’m not sure when I noticed it for the first time but I think it was sometime last year. • 2 yr. If its not, at the bottom it says, 'switch controller'. You can change the look of the button icons no matter what gamepad you have in character settings. -Made sure Steam is up to date and tested both in I tried to use Steam to handle my controller on my old laptop. Remember to scroll down the page since the page can't show all connected controllers at the same time in case there's more than 1. windows is not detecting my controller. It's JUST chrome/mac that isn't working. These games are not detecting it as the "Wireless Controller" virtual driver, they see it as the correct "XBox 360 controller for Windows" yet will not work in ANY game. Once that's done, when you open the game, you have to select the XBox controller (DS4 makes controllers detectable like that). No idea why. Tried disabling Xbox 360 controller in Steam. Also, I would also try changing the USB cable. The page will only detect controllers after it's been opened and you press buttons/move the sticks after. I had installed it via emulation station and Emudeck for Windows. When try to Calibrate it however, it does not FFXIV has a device enumerator such that every time a device is connected it triggers the controller code to see if FFXIV has to change controllers. The PS4 controller is stock, not off-brand, and the bluetooth adapter is an inexpesive dongle that shows up in devices as "Mystic Light" and "SyncMaster". Works fine on everything else: Local mac games, Geforce Now on mac, Android, windows local games, geforce now on win, xcloud on win (both app and browser). It's on Nexus mods, lemme know if you want a link!). I'd try setting up the controller in steam, then running the game or windower through steam (also have to run the config thing through steam to edit button assignments). What i noticed was that the game was marking my ps4 controller as as wireless controller and not as a 360 controller. steam recognized the controller. Once the program has installed, leave it alone. OokySpookums • 9 mo. I am using the steam version. The wireless ones could be used wirelessly and worked fine when tested with Windows. Should I buy a new wire? All content is doable, although of course some content may be easier on PC and others easier on ps4. I've checked the input in Steam and via a website and the input works. Not exactly the same issue, but ever since Endwalker I have to press the buttons on my mmo mouse multiple times to trigger the skills. 2. Tried resetting my FF14 setting in the launcher. B. If the problem is not resolved ask for a refund for the last month paid. Maybe the USB cable you're using for your PS4 could be faulty, too. But who knows, if it's really saying it's xbox 360 disabling xbox configurations should also stop it. I've been using a PS4 controller on pc for most of the 2 years that I've been playing FFXIV and the majority of that time it has worked fine up until about 2 or 3 months ago, since around that time the controller will randomly stop working even though it is charged and I then lose control just long enough that I usually end up dead or causing a wipe in raid, It defaults to Share because the Share button is useless on PC. Oh and remember to add your app/game to steam. Of course unless you have a particular Once that is done, make sure to get a case number assigned to you and make sure you get an ETA on when they can give you a response for it (in my case it was 5 business days), once the time is up, request another chat and bring up your case number. It's my controller that's the issue I can get it to work for now after squeezing it Basically the issue is I can get any controller (PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One) to work/detect in Windows 10 and function normally using either DS4 or Xbox Accessories. Check the HidGuardian SECTION in the following page: DS4Windows not detecting controllers. testing controller on other games. I use XInput mode on 8BitDo. Go to your controller and press the “Share” button and the “PS4” button simultaneously until the light on the controller begins to flash white. The virtual mouse lets you control the on-screen cursor and click as if it You usually don't need to do anything for PS4 controllers to work on FFXIV. It worked briefly, then suddenly started giving me a ton Disabling root enumerator, disabling USB selective suspend, reinstalling controller driver, reinstalling the game, resetting system settings, turning on Steam If you look through the settings for the controller, is there a setting to change it to XInput/DirectInput, or make it emulate an Xbox 360 controller? If so, try turning that on if Used to face to delete the USB device from the Device Manager, then restart the computer and activate it. Somewhere in that code, it stops responding to the currently connected controller while it determines if it has to switch controllers. Also, if you have other controllers connected to the PC, they may interfere too, so it is better to disconnect them temporary. When the steam controller function is off, it detects the 8BitDo Receiver. It just works. Other games are running fine. FFXIV’s menu system comes in two styles: one tailored for a controller, the other suited to mouse and keyboard. Sony and ffxiv are basically joined at the hip. I've been searching for the past couple of days to try to find a solution but no luck. You're welcome. When I connect through bluetooth the game doesn't detect it, ds4 makes it show xbox buttons, I disconnect ds4 still doesn't connect my controller, I restart my pc (after disconnecting ds4) turn it back on connect ds4 again disconnect it then the game detects it. My fix was downloading a clean copy of citra, configuring the controller, then copying over the config file which fixed it. The cheapest route is DS4+ps4 controller. My PC is Windows 10 Home edition, my peripherals are all wired This is written from experience: these beneficial shortcuts have been learnt from nearly a decade of playing FFXIV with a controller. The first issue started with my PS4 DS4 controller some months back, after a patch in the game all of a sudden my controllers right thumbstick is stuck on UP 08-07-2022 09:07 AM #1 Salamir Player Join Date Aug 2022 Posts 2 Character Velkar Tinaeus World Hyperion Main Class Gladiator Lv 76 PS5 Controller FF not detecting Xbox one controller So I have no idea where to turn to at this point. The PS4 controller, as Not necessarily. I’ve since scrapped that controller and now I use a cheap If that's the case go back into the controller settings in steam and uncheck the PlayStation configuration support. When I do this, the controller works. Make sure your ps5 controller is plugged into your pc at this stage. Then, FFXIV will be able to natively detect the Kage-The-Echidna. Either way, the 8BitDo Receiver is detected as XInput in all games while in XInput mode, including when it does work in FFXIV. I have this issue as well and it only happens in FFXIV. I always had my tank defensive I use DS4. I do Stop and Start on DS4, then the PS button on the controller ans it should get detected (if your pc and detect bluetooth). You might also need to go into the game settings gear by the chat window and The basics: navigating the menus and controller setup Navigating the menus FFXIV’s menu system comes in two styles: one tailored for a controller, the other suited to mouse and keyboard. See if the controller is enabled. You're better off with any Pc controller, steam controller or Xbox controller. Implying it isn’t useless on the PS4 as well. I tried to use the controller wired and still It's just a little thing i suppose. " I would like to use it wired, since Bluetooth always glitches and disconnects, which can be annoying. Everything worked fine but since I was used to ps4 I was totally lost on the control scheme and wanted to go back to using the d-pad. Here's what I've done: -Launched FFXIV directly and not through Steam. It’s very frustrating. Other problems with steam not detecting it or it detects it instead of the game detecting that sounds like a controller issue. -Confirmed it is showing in the system config in FFXIV in which it does see my controller but doesn't respond. If you have money to burn then a Razer Raiju Ultimate is my preferred gamepad. Controller is recognized but not working. I've enabled the bluetooth connection and connected the controller to my pc. r/techsupport. Tech Support. Let it flash. rKanuan. i know thumbstick sensitivity could be more accurately represented in the settings, but the actual thumbstick click itself should just be registered as a button press which to my knowledge theres no way to customize, so if its not registering a press, i think its just the thumbstick. Yotsubato. If i test it in the properties, it works! So, as for now my windows is detecting it and all the buttons are detected to be working by windows. I've never had that issue before, but I gave it a shot, and even though I closed Steam, it's still not doing anything. Also the cable is good. The culprit, oddly enough, was Steam. FFXIV has a great system to manage your ‘hot bars’, and while yes it can be more complicated than PC’s simple “just drag and drop skill on hot bar”, once you get used to it it’s pretty easy to set up. My other games and stuff recognize my inputs and while it shows the controller name in changed the USB cable that was being used (I have no option for Bluetooth) uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers for my PS4 controller. Chrome Xcloud not detecting wired xbox controller on OSX/Mac. I'm not launching FFIV through Steam, and the game is detecting it as "DS4 Wired Controller" in Gamepad Settings under System Configuration, and I've tried both Gamepad Types as XO [Square] [Triangle] with and without Touch Pad.

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